Thoughts From Places: ECMP 355

For my summary of personal learning I chose to pay homage to my favourite youtube channel, Vlogbrothers. They often make videos entitled “Thoughts From Places” (see for an example) in which a series of shots are taken and overlaid with narration usually pondering some great thoughts about life.

I chose this format because I find it to be a great way to make a visually interesting video that has some deeper thinking behind it. I definitely had some thoughts about our course to share and wanted to challenge myself to construct a vlog of this nature. I also love the idea of “bookending” the course and starting with a vlog and ending with a vlog.

This video is a kind of combination of ECMP 355 reflection and end of my undergrad degree reflection all in one. I wanted to have a video to look back on to remember some of my thoughts from right now in my life, and this seemed like a great opportunity to do that.

At first I worried that this was not the kind of summary video that the assignment called for in the sense that it doesn’t highlight a bunch of the specific tools we used this semester… but I really felt like this highlighted my learning in a much more accurate way. After all, this whole time it has been stressed that the marks shouldn’t matter and the learning should be what’s key. I feel like this style of overall learning and reflection summarizes my learning much better than listing all the individual topics we covered would have and will be more useful for me in the future.

After all, we have to make our assignments useful for ourselves, otherwise there’s not really a point in doing them at all.

Thanks for the great semester, ECMP 355 friends! I’ve had a great time learning from you all and can’t wait to keep up with what you’re doing via your blogs!

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