A whole new meaning to “finding myself”.

Thankfully I looked back at the tech tasks from our course, because I discovered I had never posted one of them to my blog! This is a good indicator about how busy the semester was. Anyway, luckily this tech task is a fun one so I didn’t have too much trouble re-doing it.

There’s something so wonderfully narcissistic about searching for yourself on Google. It feels a lot like cleaning your room and getting to look back on all sorts of things from your past and reminisce about how they came to be.

When I search my name on Google, quite literally nothing comes upon the first page that is related to me. One of the consequences of having a fairly common name! I was also surprised that my favourite Laura Shepherd that is not me, the director of Care Bears, was not in the top couple of hits either! She was further down on the page though.


In fact, I have to go all the way to page 3 to find anything related to me! As far as Google hits go, having the first one be a Relay for Life page is not a bad thing to come up!


When I add on Regina or Moose Jaw I get a few  more hits about me, but there’s still definitely a good mix of other people too.



In some ways I think I’m a little bit sad (and definitely surprised!) that there’s other Laura Shepherds in Regina and Moose Jaw that show up when I’m searching for myself. I feel like I’ve done quite a bit of work to give myself a positive online identity and would like that to be shown off in Google. However, the things I am seeing that are of myself are all things I would classify as positive and paint the sort of picture that I want to be out there for myself.

I’ll definitely continue to check up on my digital identity through Google in years to come to make sure that what people are seeing is the “me” that I want them to see.



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