Follow… Saturday? Part 1

I had every intention of saving my post this week for Friday so I could do a traditional “Follow Friday” post,  but then life got in the way and lead to me having to wait until today to give a shout out to all the awesome blogs I’ve found this week. Perhaps “Follow Saturday” can become a thing too? I’ll try to make it happen!

When I started my search this week for new blogs to follow I found that I was drawn to many that weren’t necessarily education based. I struggled a bit with the idea that this is an education class and that maybe I should find blogs that tie into that. However, in the end I decided that drawing my own education from different areas in the world is a good use of my time too. In fact, I found that many of the lessons and projects I did in my internship were inspired by blogs or vlogs I follow that aren’t education based. So I think I will stick with blogs that genuinely interest me and let them educate me with what they have to offer.

Anyway, here’s a few awesome blogs/vlogs/twitters/online communities I’ve come across that week that I’d like to share.

Keith Lapinig –

I chose to follow this blog this week because it encompasses a lot of the things I love! Keith is a graphic designer for Disney. As someone who is mildly obsessed with all things Disney, and has an interest in graphic design this blog is definitely relevant to my own interests! I love how he has quite a bit of original content, because while there is something to be said or sharing links that others have created, I think creating your own work to share with the world is essential for creating new discussion and interest.

Mental Floss –

As a long time subscriber to the vlog channel vlogbrothers, I’m unsure why I hadn’t subscribed to their general knowledge/trivia program “Mental Floss” that is hosted by John Green yet. Starting as a website, I find the Mental Floss youtube program to be a really engaging way to educate! As a lover of trivia, this channel is filled with interesting general knowledge trivia that always makes me feel both educated and entertained afterwards. Knowledge being presented with wit and humour is always inspiring as a future teacher!

ClassicPics –

ClassicPics is a twitter account that shares images and short explanations about various moments in history. I always feel like history is an area where I’m lacking in knowledge, so by being able to get short glances of different moments in history I can help myself learn a bit more about the world in the past. Also, some of the images are SO COOL!

Word of the Day –

All the perks of a word of the day calendar directly on your twitter feed! I love daily blogs and get excited when I see their one post a day (even when it’s the same thing every day like internet sensation “Same Pic of Dave Coulier“). It makes me really stop to read their content because it’s consistent and sort of rare compared to the numerous posts many other blogs/twitters make in a day. I love the idea behind this and hope it will teach me some cool words to break out into the real world.

/r/Teachers –

As a long time Reddit user, I can’t believe I never thought to look for a community of teachers there! Though this isn’t really “following” someone’s twitter or blog page, I’m including it because it makes use of the idea that community is key! This subreddit makes use of a form of social media that I’m already a part of and will hopefully give me another place to seek help and help others too.

And with that I’m going to end part 1 of this post to save it from getting longer than a Game of Thrones novel. Stay tuned for more follow-y fun later today!